Core sound system

  Independent designer and manufacturer of professional handmade speaker systems. 
 Unique design as independent boxes to be set in different forms according to location and necessity.
 Our cabinets are design and handmade in one by one process. 
 The transducers chosen from manufacturer to fit acoustically to each project. 
  Advanced electronic digital sound processing and powered by efficient digital power amplifiers provide all control to ensure clear and defined transient, resulting minimal details, no distortion in a low energy consumption. 
  We are proud to say we are very high efficient in a great cost/benefit, being compared with branded and most expensive sound system out in the market. 

our story

 Core Sound System it comes from a dream to connect people. We believe products should have a reason to exist in a fair price for the community 
  From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Sound Engineer Milton Carvalho to make it real in march 2017 in Hackney Wick, London in a courtyard of a warehouse community with Bruno Conti. 

 Core is a hi-end system to be used and abused, from dirty warehouses for Dean Marc, Point, in the forest hanged under trees for Georgio Oniani, Creatures, lifted under the bridge for Leandro Cia, Keep on Going, and not for last, floating in a handmade wooden boat by the canal for Jolly Roger, Boat Party, where it is install from september 2018 with a special design 21" subwoofer in a infinite baffle. 
 Spring 2018 a new system was design as a special order for Stuart Glen as a crowdfunding and the first install in a club. The Cause, a 400ppl capacity independent and 100% DIY venue at north London where the killer system was build. 
 A small touring system was made in the summer of 2018 to powering underground pop-up parties around east london and now it is part of The Cause system. 
 2019, the year of the return. Made in Brazil. Built in an Industrial zone of Rio de Janeiro for a collaborative ownership. A small intimate club, Ape85 for Rodrigo Fachineti and Craig Ouar from Domply party. From this point Craig become an important partner.

 During pandemic small system of all kind applications been done to power studios, home hi-fi and portable bluetooth.  

 2022 we did a special design for our Festival, Bruma and went back to London for another system for Boat Live.
 2023 Listening Bar In Brasilia Listenlobby, Rio de Janeiro Celeste and Sao Paulo Matiz.

New projects are coming  home speakers , studio monitors or a quadraphonic pa system for a independent party or local business… 

We Can develop a project for your need.

Ask us!.

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